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3D Model test coastal defences residential Maiyegun each estate, Nigeria

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A 3D scale model of a Nigerian beach near Lagos has been put through its paces this month in our state-of-the-art modelling hall. New coastal defences are needed where the beach has retreated at the residential Maiyegun beach estate following major development farther along the coast. CDR International, the designers of the coastal protection scheme, asked HR Wallingford in the UK to build the model to show how the proposed sea defences would influence the response of the beach.

More: State-of-the-art modelling for Nigerian coast

CDR International welcomes Mrs. Michelle Loozen

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At the 1st of september 2019 Michelle Loozen has strengthened the CDR engineering team. At the Technical University of Delft Michelle completed the study hydraulic engineering. Her professional career started at The Ocean Cleanup,  where she was responsible for quantifying and mapping riverine plastics worldwide. Her duties and responsibilities included numerical modeling, statistical data analysis as well as designing and conducting field surveys worldwide. During her studies she was already attracted to river projects. Commissioned by Royal Haskoning DHV, for example, she modelled and analyzed salt intrusion in the Magdalena River, Colombia. During her graduation internship at Deltares, she measured and modelled the sandbar dynamics in the Colorado River, USA. With her international experience and ambition, her river and coastal engineering skills and her eagerness to improve she will be a valuable addition to our team. Michelle is looking forward to working at CDR. We wish her all the best at the start of this new step in her career.

Ferry Landing Design, Wanseko, Uganda

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In association with DYNACO and Centre for Infrastructure Consulting (CIC), CDR International is providing marine design services for the design and construction of a new ferry landing at Wanseko, Lake Albert, Uganda. These works are part of a larger plan of the Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) to upgrade the road system in the country. This ferry line is a key link to cross the lake (160 x 30km in area) between Wanseko and Panyimur.

Kick Off Protecting Odaw Channel and Korle Lagoon, Ghana

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The consortium of IMDC, CDR International, Rebel Group and ADK has been awarded the Feasibility Study for Deferred and Performance Based Maintenance Dredging of the Odaw Channel and Korle Lagoon in Ghana. The overall project objective is to contribute to achieving 1 in 10 years flood protection (T10) in the primary Odaw channel system, by preparing a ready-to-tender Performance Based Contracting (PBC) investment that will be financed as part of the broader World Bank GARID programme. The kick off took place mid-May.

See also Dredging Today: “Protecting Odaw Channel and Korle Lagoon”

LiDAR Drone Survey, Msimbazi River, Dar es Salaam

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CDR International in association with Shore Monitoring and Research defined an integral full survey campaign for the lower basin of the Msimbazi River, which was executed last February. This World Bank funded survey project serves two purposes: 1) generation of reliable, accurate and fit for purpose bathymetric & topographic data of the Msimbazi River and its floodplanes for riverine flooding related detailed studies, and 2) rigorous comparison of Digital Terrain Model (DTM) generation by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV; drones) Photogrammetry and UAV LiDAR. Traditionally LiDAR aerial acquisition methods for obtaining DTMs are done by planes. With the development of equipment, the LiDAR scanners are getting smaller and lighter, and drones can fly longer and can carry more weight, enabling to mount LiDAR scanner to drones. This potentially provides significant cost savings compared to both traditional LiDAR and field surveying methods. A meticulous comparison for the Sub-Saharan African context was however lacking. This study will recommend on when to use which surveying methods with respect to purpose, project area size, landuse/vegetation cover and challenges like import of equipment.
Preliminary insights of the analysis have been shared and presented recently at a master class at the Land and Poverty Conference 2019 – March 25-29, 2019 Washington, DC and at a workshop on DTM drone applications for Dar es Salaam stakeholders at World Bank Office in Dar es Salaam on April 11th, 2019.

CDR International welcomes Mrs. Alexia Sotiriadou

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At the 15th of March 2019, Alexia Sotiriadou (MSc.) strengthens the CDR engineering team as a Port & Coastal Engineer.
After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a first Master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Alexia completed a second Master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering at the Delft University of Technology (TU Delft).
Alexia completed her studies in NTUA, focusing on Port Engineering, while during her studies in TU Delft she followed the specialization of Coastal Engineering. During her graduate research, she conducted a Sustainability Assessment for Mediterranean ports, with special focus in the ports of Piraeus and Livorno. Alexia has already gained practical experience abroad, as she participated in an EU project regarding the port of the future and took part in a project concerning the privatization of Greek ports.
We wish Alexia all the best at the start of her CDR career.

Msimbazi Opportunity Plan, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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The Msimbazi Opportunity Plan has been completed and has been signed by Minister of State Mr. Selemani S. Jafo of the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government. This is a very important next step towards implementation of the proposed interventions. CDR International is proud to have contributed to this World Bank funded innovative participatory design process as part of the Consultant’s Consortium.

NL.IN.BUSINESS – Laurens Poelhekke on Doing Business in Vietnam

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According to Laurens Poelhekke (29) of CDR International, in order to be successful as an international entrepreneur, you have to be flexible and have a feeling for cultural aspects. But not only that; having a local network is essential. “And in Vietnam, being present in the country is very much appreciated.” We spoke to Poelhekke about doing business in Vietnam. How did he tackle that, where do you have to be as a Dutch entrepreneur and where does he think there are opportunities?

“Find a good local partner, put a lot of time in it. Build a good working relationship, and then doing business in Vietnam can go very fast! “

Laurens Poelhekke is South East Asia Representative / Civil Engineer in Vietnam for CDR International. He is also a board member of the Dutch Business Association Vietnam (DBAV). He now lives and works in Ho Chi Minh City. Since one and a half years he has been the forward post for South East Asia for the engineering firm in the hydraulic engineering sector. Twenty people now work worldwide for CDR International. “I am co-responsible for building and developing projects in Vietnam, Myanmar and Bangladesh. I am also a hydraulic engineering engineer for our projects. For example, I have worked on a project where six flood defences and seven kilometres of dyke have been built in Ho Chi Minh. CDR carried out a design review for the contractor. The city suffers from a high water problem due to high water levels in the river and flooding caused by flooding, especially around the monsoon. I am also involved in a port project in Bangladesh and inland development in Myanmar. “

For the full interview (in Dutch only) see: Ondernemen in Vietnam

President George Weah of Liberia, UNDP, GCF, and EPA participated at CDR’s presentation of Inception Report on Climate Change Monrovia

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The Managing Director of CDR International BV, Dirk Heijboer, and his team, and our partners, presented CDR’s Inception Report for the UNDP – Green Climate Fund funded project: “Engineering and Safeguards Assessment of Proposed Interventions in the coastal areas of the Monrovia Metropolitan Area (MMA) in Liberia“. The President of Liberia, George Weah, was also present amongst distinguished guest of the UNDP, GCF, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other important stakeholders.

The press published various articles on the subject with drone pictures made by CDR International.
–> Monrovia Faces Imminent Disaster
–> Liberia: Preliminary Study Depicts Scary Pictures of Imminent Disaster in Monrovia
–> Monrovia Threatened by Rising Sea Level, Others 
–> Monrovia Faces Imminent Disaster; EPA Alarms following Coastal Engineering Assessment

For further details, see the project summary –>