Land Reclamation

Port cities and coastal areas are increasing centres of economic activity that act as engines for national prosperity. Both in developed countries and economically emerging nations these areas are magnets for job seeking people. The enormous spatial challenge of accommodating everyone in terms of housing, employment, education, recreation and transport can be solved by reclaiming new land.
CDR being based in the Netherlands, knows how former sea has been transformed into land by creating polders or filling the land like the most recent extension of the Port of Rotterdam.
The layout design of a landfill reclamation scheme is a combination of reclamation works, sand compaction and coastal protection of the reclaimed land. With growing economies and increasingly congested cities, land reclamation schemes provide high-value development areas at preferred locations. Land reclamation schemes are designed to withstand the largest storms and minimize flood risk for the reclamation area and the city behind it.


CDR approaches land reclamation schemes in such a way that impact on the maritime environment is minimised, while proving new space to live, work and leisure. Land reclamation schemes are complex due to the social, economic, environmental, but moreover spatial impacts – shaping the coastline comes with responsibilities. We take on the responsibilities by:

  • Setting up a broadly accepted and integrated design
  • Using highly accurate metocean and hydrodynamic modelling studies to quantify and minimize negative impacts
  • Involvement of stakeholders in the most early stage of the project
  • Setting up the business case in alignment with stakeholders
  • Early setting up of environmental monitoring to assure a correct approach for the EIA (environmental impact assessment
  • Early contractor involvement to assure best cost price


CDR can provide the following services for land reclamation schemes either for the developer / client or the contractor:

  • Bankable feasibility studies
  • Metocean and hydrodynamic studies
  • Layout and urban planning
  • Stormwater run-off and drainage designs
  • Design of hydraulic structures and coastal protection
  • Setting up construction methodologies and schemes
  • Soil investigation and geotechnical assessment with optional soil improvement methods
  • Setting up reclamation and compaction methodologies
  • Preparation of tender documentation
  • Project management and site supervision
  • EIA (environmental impact assessments)

CDR staff are presently involved in a large land reclamation project in Sri Lanka. We provide highly accurate modelling studies, design review & optimization and comprehensive project management assistance with a flexible approach to the client, resulting in a safe and cost-effective design and construction method.

“Beyond Sand & Sea”

The book “Beyond Sand & Sea” has been released to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Association of Dredging Companies. It shows the last 50 years of dredging achievements as depicted through 50 iconic projects. The book is available for download here.

Land Reclamation Projects

Nigeria – FIDC – Ilubirin Urban Mixed Used Housing Development

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Colombo Port City Development / QA/QC Site Support and Supervision

Sri Lanka – CCCC SDC – Morphological Modelling of 2018 CPC Monsoon

Nigeria – Dangote – Supervision Sandbar Breakwater

Dubai UAE – Overseas AST – Bluewaters Island Design Breakwater

Bangladesh – Government of Bangladesh / HaskoningDHV – Coastal Embankment Improvement Project Phase 1 (CEIP-1)

Sri Lanka – CCCC GDC – Morphological Analysis Colombo Port City

Nigeria – DEME / Dredging International – Elegushi Beach Reclamation

Sri Lanka – UDA – S-EIA Colombo Port City

Nigeria – Jan de Nul – Lagos/Lekki Coastal Erosion Assessment

Nigeria – NNPC – Project Management and Technical Support Gas Revolution Industrial Park (GRIP)

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Design Review Colombo Port City

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Hambantota Port – Artificial Island Design