Nigeria – Dangote – Supervision Sandbar Breakwater

São Tomé and Principe – MIRNA – Água Grande District Coastal Protection

Nigeria – Gasinvest – Evaluation of Marine Aspects for FSRU to feed ELPS Pipeline

Dubai – Gulf Cobla – Settling Basin for Hassyan Power Plant

Pakistan – CHEC – Value Engineering Breakwater Hub

Myanmar – CHEC – Value Engineering Yangon Offshore Fixed Pilot Station

Sri Lanka – Ministry of Fisheries / ADB – Fishery Harbour Review

Myanmar – MoT – Ayeyarwady River Basin Management (AIRBM)

Nigeria – Dangote – 3D Model Test of Breakwater Design

South East Asian Port – QAQC Support & Chinapode Placement Supervision

Tanzania-Marine Vision-Beach Protection Design of Mtoni Marine Hotel

Bangladesh – Government of Bangladesh / HaskoningDHV – Coastal Embankment Improvement Project Phase 1 (CEIP-1)

Bangladesh – CHEC Bangladesh – Marine Drive Express Way and Coastal Protection

Sri Lanka – Lion Brewery – Flood Risk Analysis and Flood Protection

Sri Lanka – UDA – S-EIA Colombo Port City

Sri Lanka – RHDHV – Bridge Approach Road Dikkowita Fishery Harbour

South-east Asia – Investigation and Design Study of Revetment Remediation Works, including 2D Physical Model Testing

Ghana – CHEC – Tema Port Development

Nigeria – NNPC – Project Management and Technical Support Gas Revolution Industrial Park (GRIP)

Sri Lanka – FHEC – Port City Colombo – Stability of Construction Works during Monsoon Period

Israel-PMEC-Ashdod-Hadarom Port Project

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Design Review Colombo Port City

Kingdom of Tonga – CHEC – Pre-Feasibility Study Ship Repair Facility

Nigeria – Dangote – Lekki RO-RO Jetty Detailed Design

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Colombo Port City – 2D Physical Model Testing

Abu Dhabi – Al Masaood & Sons – Development Support Crablocks Artificial Armouring

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Port City Colombo – Value Engineering

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Hambantota Port – Artificial Island Design

Nigeria – Digisteel – Ogogoro Island – Navigation Study Terminal Access

Nigeria – Port Notel – Feasibility Study for Deep Sea Port

Nigeria – SENL – Lagos State Groyne Construction Project – Review of Adopted Design

Nigeria – SENL – Eko Atlantic – Canal Entrance and Outlet Consultancy Services

Nigeria – Nigerian Port Authority – Ibom Deep Sea Port – Advisory Consultancy

Nigeria – Petrolex – Tankfarm Project – Feasibility Studies Marine Transport Delivery

Nigeria – TSL Southern Gascoy – LPG Jetty Site Selection and Tender Design