Tanzania – GIZ – Flood Management Feasibility Study for the Msimbazi Middle Catchment Area

Benin – Port Autonome de Cotonou – Specialist Services related to the Occurring Damage at the Breakwater Head

British Guyana – InterOil – Tender Evaluation for Essequibo Navigation Channel Dredging

Ghana – RVO – Feasibility Study for Performance Based Dredging of the Odaw river and Korle Lagoon

Bangladesh – World Bank – Solutions for Coastal Erosion

Costa Rica – APMT – Revetment Review Moín Container Terminals

Bangladesh – Sinohydro – Value Engineering River Training Works Padma Multipurpose Bridge

Nigeria – FIDC – Ilubirin Wetland Development

Nigeria – RCF – Dangote Fertilizer Jetty – Layout and Marine Engineering Design Study

Kenya – RVO – Feasibility Study Integrated Contour Trenching

Vietnam – RVO/VNO – PPP Greater Hi Chi Minh City [HCMC] Flood Control

India & Bangladesh – World Bank – Coastal Resilience Studies

Tanzania -Tanroads [World Bank] – Flood Prevention Measures at Jangwani Valley

Guatemala – Port Authority Quetzal – Improvement Infrastructure Port Quetzal Breakwaters

São Tomé and Principe – Deltares [WACA World Bank] – Coastal Protection of Communities

Liberia – Environmental Protection Agency – Completion New Kru Town Revetment

Nigeria – HiTech – Coastal Protection Maiyegun Beach Estate

Ghana – CHEC – Tema Port Beach Junction Independent Checking Engineer (ICE)

Nigeria – FIDC – Ilubirin Development Access Road and Bridge Design

Tanzania – World Bank – Topographic and Bathymetric Surveying of Flood-Prone Rivers in Dar es Salaam

Sri Lanka – CCCC FHDI – Numerical Modelling Studies for Maritime Cities

Myanmar – PvW/RVO – Navigation With Nature Chindwin River

Nigeria – Outpost Investments – Design Lagos Ilashe Beach Resort Access Causeway

Nigeria – GasInvest – Location Study LNG Terminal

Benin – Bellsea Ltd. [DEME group] – Marine Studies Lac Marin à Siafato East of Cotonou

Nigeria – FIDC – Ilubirin Urban Mixed Used Housing Development

Nigeria – FIDC – Dangote Private Jetty Rehabilitation

Nigeria – Viju Industries – Lekki Ogombo Reclamation and Urban Development

Nigeria – CCCC SDC – Dangote Siltation Trenches Lekki Pipelines

Liberia – UNDP – Coastal Vulnerability & Protection for Monrovia Metropolitan Area

Tanzania – PO RALG – Reviewing Special Planning Area Boundary for the Msimbazi River Valley

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Hambantota Port Wave Disturbance

Sri Lanka – RVO – DRR / PSD Apps “River for Jaffna”

Bangladesh – RVO – Khulna as a Water Inclusive Enclave [Water as Leverage]

Bhutan – RVO – Study Bank Protection Gelephu along Maw River

UAE – Overseas AST – Dubai Creek Harbour Development

Netherlands – The Hague Port – Port Study for Finish Volvo Ocean Race 2018

Bangladesh – Dutch Terminal Management – Study Floating Harbour Bengal Bay

Bangladesh – EGCB/AFConsult – Pekua Coal Power Plant

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Colombo Port City Development / QA/QC Site Support and Supervision

Nigeria – CHEC – Lekki Port ICE (Independent Checking Engineering) Services – Phase I

Sri Lanka – CCCC SDC – Morphological Modelling of 2018 CPC Monsoon

Tanzania – Ecorys / World Bank – Design Charrette for Msimbazi River

Nigeria – Dangote – Supervision Sandbar Breakwater

Vietnam – Trung Nam – Review Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Flood Protection

Senegal – Van Oord – MetOcean Study for Tortue LNG Terminal

Georgia – Struijk BV – Batumi Coastal Protection Design Review

Costa Rica – APMT – Port Moin Breakwater Design Review

São Tomé and Principe – MIRNA – Água Grande District Coastal Protection

Nigeria – Gasinvest – Evaluation of Marine Aspects for FSRU to feed ELPS Pipeline

Nigeria – DEME – Tender Design Shore Protection Ilubirin Island Phase I+II

Sri Lanka – MTBS – National Ports Master Plan

Dubai – Gulf Cobla – Settling Basin for Hassyan Power Plant

Pakistan – CHEC – Value Engineering Breakwater Hub

UAE Abu Dhabi – Overseas AST Company – Arzanah Temporary Port Design

Guinea – DEME – Kamsar Dump Losses Ratification Study

Myanmar – CHEC – Value Engineering Yangon Offshore Fixed Pilot Station

Netherlands – The Hague Port – Breakwater Health Scan ®

Dubai UAE – Overseas AST – Bluewaters Island Design Breakwater

Sri Lanka – Ministry of Fisheries / ADB – Fishery Harbour Review

Saudi Arabia – Van Oord – Ras al Khair Value Engineering

Benin – DEME – Port of Cotonou Maintenance Dredging

Sierra Leone – CWGC – Sea Defence King Tom Common Wealth War Cemetery

Myanmar – MoT – Ayeyarwady River Basin Management (AIRBM)

Nigeria – DEME – Bonny Island Coastal Protection

Thailand – CHEC – Tender Support Thepha Power Plant Project

Georgia – APMT – Poti Port Master Plan Review

Nigeria – Dangote – 3D Model Test of Breakwater Design

South East Asian Port – QAQC Support & Chinapode Placement Supervision

Netherlands – VolkerInfra – Sedimentation and Erosion Calculations Houtribdijk

Guinea – DEME – Design Study Port Kamsar Jetty Extension

Tanzania-Marine Vision-Beach Protection Design of Mtoni Marine Hotel

Bangladesh – Government of Bangladesh / HaskoningDHV – Coastal Embankment Improvement Project Phase 1 (CEIP-1)

Bangladesh – CHEC Bangladesh – Marine Drive Express Way and Coastal Protection

United Kingdom – Bontrup – Breakwater Swansea Bay Tidal Lagoon

Maldives – RIU Atoll Pvt – Beaches and Marine Works Design RIU Resort

Sri Lanka – Lion Brewery – Flood Risk Analysis and Flood Protection

Sri Lanka – CCCC GDC – Morphological Analysis Colombo Port City

Nigeria – DEME / Dredging International – Elegushi Beach Reclamation

Sri Lanka – UDA – S-EIA Colombo Port City

Nigeria – Jan de Nul – Lagos/Lekki Coastal Erosion Assessment

Sri Lanka – RHDHV – Bridge Approach Road Dikkowita Fishery Harbour

South-east Asia – Investigation and Design Study of Revetment Remediation Works, including 2D Physical Model Testing

Nigeria – NPA – Condition Survey of Koko Port Sheet Piles

Nigeria – NPA – Tin Can Island Port Shore Protection

Ghana – CHEC – Tema Port Development

Uruguay – DEME – Value Engineering Breakwater LNG Terminal Marine Scope

Nigeria – OrleansInvest-Prodeco – FS Badagry Port Development and Sandbar Breakwater Design

Nigeria – NNPC – Project Management and Technical Support Gas Revolution Industrial Park (GRIP)

Sri Lanka – FHEC – Port City Colombo – Stability of Construction Works during Monsoon Period

Israel-PMEC-Ashdod-Hadarom Port Project

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Design Review Colombo Port City

Kingdom of Tonga – CHEC – Pre-Feasibility Study Ship Repair Facility

Nigeria – Dangote – Lekki RO-RO Jetty Detailed Design

Nigeria – EWB – Eko Water Buses Project Lagos

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Colombo Port City – 2D Physical Model Testing

Nigeria – DEME/BCC – Port Harcourt Development

Abu Dhabi – Al Masaood & Sons – Development Support Crablocks Artificial Armouring

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Port City Colombo – Value Engineering

Sri Lanka – CHEC – Hambantota Port – Artificial Island Design

Nigeria – Digisteel – Ogogoro Island – Navigation Study Terminal Access

Nigeria – Port Notel – Feasibility Study for Deep Sea Port

Nigeria – SENL – Lagos State Groyne Construction Project – Review of Adopted Design

Nigeria – SENL – Eko Atlantic – Canal Entrance and Outlet Consultancy Services

Nigeria – Nigerian Port Authority – Ibom Deep Sea Port – Advisory Consultancy

Nigeria – Petrolex – Tankfarm Project – Feasibility Studies Marine Transport Delivery

Nigeria – TSL Southern Gascoy – LPG Jetty Site Selection and Tender Design

The Gambia – NIRAS/UNDP – Coastal Protection Project