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Article Published in Hydro International

By March 1, 2016March 8th, 2016No Comments

Article Hydro International - photo 2.jpgArticle Hydro International - photo 1 Raw Data as Information Source – Model for Remediation Design Study of Southeast Asian Port Basin.
Authors: Bas van de Sande (CDR International), Eelco Bijl (CDR International), Jelle Tamminga (DEEP).

CDR International in cooperation with DEEP have written an article on the extensive site survey as performed for the remediation design study of a Port Basin in South-east asia. This site survey included a detailed bathymetric survey using a double multibeam system and a drone survey. As very high detail was required for the whole facing for proper analysis, the raw measured data was used as 3D model without any further post-processing as this may lead to loss of data.
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