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Coastal Protection and Marine Structures

For the development of coastal, port entrance and offshore structures it is important to understand the mechanics and background of the sometimes challenging surroundings such new structures will be placed in. Accurate wave, flow and morphological numerical studies are required to obtain design conditions and serve as basis for the structural design studies. Each solution or a combination thereof has its own merits or disadvantages, to be customized and balanced for each project, based on the local situation, environmental and site conditions and Client demands. Depending on the driving hydraulic and morphological processes, local coastal features and availability of material, the best solution is selected and a design of the coastal protections scheme is made. The optimum layout scheme and structural design is a balance between costs, functioning of the design, (environmental) impact of the scheme and (practical) construction methodology.

In view of nature-based/hybrid solutions our most remarkable project is the design and development of a port for Dangote in Nigeria, where a CDR-developed concept of a Sandbar or Hybrid breakwater was designed and recently built. This concept that can be regarded as ‘building with nature’ and included a Sand Engine downdrift, appeared to be very attractive in view of minimizing rock, reducing construction time and last but not least lower investment costs and mitigating coastal erosion downdrift. The concept was born from understanding the unique coastal system of the Nigerian coastline.  However, we are also experienced in the design of grey infrastructure and hybrid designs. We always thrive to find the optimal solution for each specific setting.

Sustainability and implementability of the solutions are of utmost importance for successful project realisation. Because of close international cooperation with marine contractors, CDR distinguishes from other coastal engineering firms in delivering realistic and constructible solutions and specialist staff for construction supervision. Verification of cost-effectiveness, availability of sand, marine rock grades and other resources, handling and transport equipment are main considerations in our design process.