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Finalisation inception phase Lower Msimbazi Upgrading Project, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

By January 11, 2022February 15th, 2022No Comments

In January 2022 CDR International and partners have successfully completed the inception phase of the Lower Msimbazi Upgrading Project as part of the Dar es Salaam Metropolitan Development Project.
This challenging project transfers the holistic and integral plan of transforming the flood hazardous area of the Msimbazi Basin to an iconic city park surrounded by flood resilient urban development into feasible and implementable solutions.
Preliminary- and detailed engineering designs are being prepared for a range of interventions including but not limited to integrated spatial planning, resettlement of flood prone communities, flood-safe terraces constructed from material dredged from the river and river flood plains, bank protections, river and floodplain profiles, urban parks, drainage canals, sediment traps, upgraded urban infrastructure and urban agriculture patches.
The next step is the Feasibility Stage to get the project appraised.

Client: President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government, Government of Tanzania
Financed by: World Bank
Photo: Consultations social economic survey (photo by Berrie van Elderen)

See project description for more details >>

Inception workshop & field work: