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Mission, Vision and Values

CDR is a professional specialist in the ‘open water’ sector.
We want to contribute to high-quality sustainable solutions. We provide engineering consultancy services for the public and private sector, covering the range of project idea development, feasibility studies, detailed mathematical modelling, and design studies to supervision during the construction works.
To our clients, we focus on delivering quality through flexibility, fast and open communication. We have high work and business ethics and focus on adding value to projects. We are focussing on growing in our expertise and expand our professional network globally. We keep sharing our knowledge with students from the Technical Universities as well as by engaging in capacity building activities with local stakeholders and specialists.

Our Vision

A sustainable environment to live safely with water where transportation of goods and people via water is effective.

Our Mission

Creating high quality, sustainable engineering solutions in the water related sector.

Our Values

Based on our mission and vision, we have the following key values:

  • Quality: we ensure that our services are performed by highly skilled professionals with up-to-date knowledge to deliver high quality products;
  • Integrity: we are trustworthy and have strong moral principles, where respect for each other’s views and principles are highly valued;
  • Entrepreneurship: we strive to set up new projects in unknown areas;
  • Sustainable: when offering our services and solutions, we focus on optimal sustainability;
  • Accountable: we feel responsible for reliable services and transparent communication with our clients;
  • Traceable: we focus on ensuring that our services and deliverables are transparent, well documented and traceable
  • Fairness: we always aim for improved livelihoods for those affected by our projects.

The CDR Policy statement is available upon request.
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