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Ferry Landing Design, Wanseko, Uganda

In association with DYNACO and Centre for Infrastructure Consulting (CIC), CDR International is providing marine design services for the design and construction of a new ferry landing at Wanseko, Lake Albert, Uganda. These works are part of a larger plan…
May 27, 2019

LiDAR Drone Survey, Msimbazi River, Dar es Salaam

CDR International in association with Shore Monitoring and Research defined an integral full survey campaign for the lower basin of the Msimbazi River, which was executed last February. This World Bank funded survey project serves two purposes: 1) generation of…
April 30, 2019

Economic Mission Vietnam with Prime Minister Mark Rutte

CDR participated in the Economic Mission to Vietnam with Prime Minister Mark Rutte, Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen and Director General Marjolijn Sonnema from 7 to 12 April 2019. See also: Handelsmissie Vietnam met Minister-President Rutte. See also: Grote Vietnamese Delegatie…
April 12, 2019

Msimbazi Opportunity Plan, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania The Msimbazi Opportunity Plan has been completed and has been signed by Minister of State Mr. Selemani S. Jafo of the President’s Office Regional Administration and Local Government. This is a very important next step towards implementation of the…
February 28, 2019

Launch Urban Water Logistics Yangon Myanmar

The Urban Water Logistics Yangon (UWLY), Partners for International Business (PIB) Consortium 2018-2021, has been launched in Myanmar “Collaborating for a Bright Water and Maritime Future of the Yangon Delta”. CDR International is part of the consortium. The UWLY covenant…
November 1, 2018