The RVO (Netherlands Enterprise Agency) has awarded CDR and its partners the subsidy Water as Leverage for Resilience Cities Asia to carry out the project “Khulna as a water inclusive enclave”. Khulna is at a crossroads in history. The next decade will most likely determine whether Khulna can succeed in going forward to become an adaptive city that can meet its urban and water challenges. We envision Khulna to become a safe and water inclusive enclave in an adaptive coastal zone that is a shelter for its inhabitants and the surrounding communities.
Our approach takes a step by step and adaptive pathway starting with scenarios for urban, water demand, socio-economic development and climate change scenarios in order to develop robust zones of resilience within the city of Khulna and its surrounding areas.

Within each zone, conceptual design ideas are developed in order to get to innovative, bankable (and infrastructural) solutions. The ambition is to develop a multi-level resilient city in which its functions are based on a resilience level that correspond with the maximum level of disruption and includes future sustainable goals such as sufficient access to fresh water, improved resilience and less damage. We will use concepts as urban acupuncture (repair & restore in city centre), increase water storage in low-density areas (maintain & improve) and design resilient crossroads with shelters to improve resilience (build & adapt).