Payra is the 3rd sea port of Bangladesh located on the bank of Rabnabad. The main purpose of this project is to develop the channel and port basins for safe operation of vessels of 40,000 DWT capacity and about 10.5m draught, considering a one-way/ two-way outer channel operation and considering the design vessel passing the channel during a tidal high-water window of 4-5 hours. The dimensions of this channel are 75 km in length, 100-125 m or higher in width and about 10.5 min depth.
The main objective of this service is to provide the Rabnabad Channel Design in light of PPA’s Conceptual Channel Design and various study reports submitted by the dredging contractor, Technical Supervision, & Monitoring of the execution of the Capital & Maintenance dredging activities.

CDR and partner are carrying out the following assignment:

  1. Assisting the client for contract administration and management
  2. Day-to-day supervision and inspection of the capital and maintenance dredging works at site
  3. Regular monitoring and inspection of the dredging activities with quality control
  4. Determining channel alignment, layout and design the channel
  5. Scrutinize and validate all design works including the conceptual channel design
  6. Overall assessment of dredging, contractor’s design work, modelling studies, validation of the model data inputs, siltation behaviour in the channel

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