Lekki Port LFZ Enterprise Limited commenced the construction of its Lekki Deep Sea Port Project in the Ibeju Lekki area of Lagos State in early 2018. The Project, located about 60km from the city of Lagos, and situated approximately 4km south of the Lekki Lagoon, is bordered to the west by Oke Segun, Magbon Segun and Lekuru communities, with the Itoke and Idotun situated to the east. Since construction of the main breakwater was started, a pattern of accretion to the west coupled with erosion to the east has manifested, as had been anticipated by previous studies of coastal processes. The erosion to the east of the project has caused severe impacts to the Itoke and Idotun communities and caused significant shoreline retreat in the stretch of the future LFZ expansion.
As short-term mitigation of the on-going erosion in the zone, a beach re-nourishment program was undertaken in 2019, although much of the sand that was placed at that time has since eroded.
CDR is requested to review and update previous analyses done for the current Lekki Port coastal stabilisation program and to evaluate possible alternate configurations or enhancements to the coastal structures designed to enhance long-term performance.

CDR (lead) and Svašek have carried out the following tasks:

  1. Reviewed the Project Documentation;
  2. Updated Coastal Dynamics and Geomorphology Study, using numerical models, such as FINEL-SWAN and ShorelineS;
  3. Erosion Protection Alternatives Analysis, including concept design, modelling effectivity of measures and evaluation.

A comprehensive report is delivered.