The project is part of the ICZM Bahamas Program that was initiated by The Government of the Bahamas and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with the aim of building resilience to coastal risks including those associated with climate change. Long Island was hit by hurricane Joaquin in October 2015 resulting in severe damage and flooding. CDR carries out baseline studies, assess the flood risk and develop strategic coastal protection design to mitigate flooding for central Long Island.

The main objective of the assignment is twofold:

  • To establish an historical and current overview of the environmental features of the four Long Island project sites, inclusive of terrestrial, coastal and marine Also, to provide an update on the socio-economic landscape of Long Island.
  • To undertake a strategic review of flood risk and disaster risk management in Scrub Hill, Buckley, Deadman’s Cay, Gray’s and Old Gray’s communities in Long Island, The Bahamas. Further, consultancy is to undertake design of strategic coastal protection and flood mitigation infrastructure in the above-mentioned communities.

CDR is the team lead and coordinating the project accordingly with partners as sub-consultant. We performed all relevant tasks including: inception, data review, data collection, Environmental and Social Baseline studies, Probabilistic Hazard Assessment, Vulnerability Assessment and Risk assessment, definition of technical options, MCA workshop and preparation of final design and reports. Also a local knowledge and training program is conducted.

Site Visit Long Island Bahamas