The historical development of the Togolese coastline around Lomé has been influenced by various measures over the years, of which the construction of the Port of Lomé is one of the most profound. On the western side of Lomé the coastline advances due to accretion, and on the east side of Lomé erosion is present, causing a retreat of the coastline. The primary goal of this project was to assess the drivers of coastline evolution of the coast of Togo. Various potential driving mechanisms have been isolated and modelled and for each driving mechanism, the relative contribution to the erosion process is estimated by simulating several hypothetical scenarios with the ShorelineS coastline model.

CDR staff has carried out the assessment consisting of:

  • Qualitative system analysis
  • Nearshore wave climate simulation with SWAN and extreme value analysis
  • Coastline modelling with a (custom tailored) ShorelineS model, that includes: sand extractions, nourishments, construction works, sediment bypassing
  • Interpretation and reporting