The Msimbazi Basin in Dar es Salaam experiences significant flash flooding in combination with heavy sedimentation. This project transfers the holistic and integral plan of transforming the flood hazardous area to an iconic city park surrounded by flood resilient urban development into a feasible solution. Preliminary and detailed engineering designs are prepared following a developed flood management strategy with an urban development approach. Interventions included are resettlement of flood prone communities to flood safe terraces constructed from material dredged from the river and river flood plains, bank protections, dredging profiles, urban parks, drainage canals, sediment traps, upgraded urban infrastructure, master planning and urban agriculture patches.

CDR and partners are providing project appraisal and implementation by preparation, execution, and documentation of:

  • Surveys and Investigations (Socio-economic, Topographic, Geotechnical, Soil Quality)
  • Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment
  • Hydrologic and Morpho-dynamic Modelling
  • Feasibility Study (technical, economic cost-benefit analysis) and Preliminary Designs
  • Social Assessment for Flood Prone Communities
  • Resettlement Action Plans / Livelihood Restoration Plans
  • Detailed Engineering Design, Bidding documents & ESIA
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Workshops

Droning and Site Visits Lower Msimbazi Areas