The consortium of IMDC, CDR International, Rebel Group and ADK has prepared the Feasibility Study for Deferred and Performance Based Maintenance Dredging of the Odaw Channel and Korle Lagoon in Ghana. In recent past, severe flooding occurred in Accra. The overall project objective is to contribute to achieving 1 in 10 years flood protection (T10) in the primary Odaw channel system, by preparing a ready-to-tender Performance Based Contracting (PBC) investment that will be financed as part of the broader World Bank GARID programme.

CDR has carried out task 5 of the Feasibility Study, which included:

  • Analysis past and present situation Odaw river and Korle lagoon i.r.t. interceptor weir
  • Function and design of interceptor weir
  • Assessment present situation interceptor weir
  • Hydraulic assessment, sedimentation assessment
  • Future options interceptor weir
  • Waste removal and business case for re-use of plastic
  • Conclusions and recommendations for interceptor weir
  • Recommendations for performance-based dredging criteria

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