The Msimbazi River valley is a densely populated and environmentally degraded river basin where the city’s most severe flooding takes place and puts residents and critical infrastructure assets at risk. Next to climate change (inter alia more extreme rainfall), urbanization is causing an increase of flood risks over time in the Msimbazi river. Unplanned urbanisation, a growing population, people encroaching flood prone areas and erosion of the hills of the upper and middle parts of the basin result in more extreme floods. The middle catchment area is especially vulnerable due to urbanisation causing soil erosion of embankments and hills.

CDR and partners are carrying out the project, entailing the following components:

  • Identification of hazards, risks and mitigation options (vulnerability analysis);
  • Develop flood management strategy for the area;
  • Feasibility study, including conceptual designs for technical and concept notes for non-technical prioritized measures, technical feasibility, cost estimations and effectiveness, environmental and social aspects of these measures;
  • Stakeholder engagement, trainings and workshops.

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