The function will be for the Consultant to act at Independent Checking Engineer (ICE) undertaking the task of review and certifying the relevant activities for Section 1 (Phase 1). The extent of services shall include but not be limited to the following;

  • Review of concepts, assumptions, inputs of design
  • Reviews shall be undertaken by independent analysis, using the basis provided by the designer
  • Review of drawings and documents
  • Certification of all design documents where required and close out comments of reviews
  • Certification where applicable Design Certification forms shall be signed off upon completion of close out comments, all Certification shall state the relevant standards and codes of practice applicable
  • Reviews and Certification shall be based on Client provided templates

The description of the role and required approvals will be as agreed between the parties, the scope of works is time based on an estimated 4 months of input from a team of up to 8 staff. The delivery of scope of services is driven by the client’s design programme, CDR will also provide construction buildability support during the contract works January -June 2019.

After collection and analysing all relevant data, CDR as Independent Checking Engineer has carried the following project scope:

  • Geometric Alignment Design Review
  • Hydraulic Engineering Design review
  • Geotechnical investigations Interpretative Review
  • Road and Pavement Specifications and Design Review
  • Detailed Design of Structures, Culverts and Gantries, Specification and Design Reviews
  • Highway Lighting Specifications and Design Review, telecommunications network
  • Construction Buildability and Programming