After 40 years of use, the coastal structures of Puerto Quetzal show signs of Armour displacement caused by wave action and the Port suffers from sedimentation problems; erosion on the leeside and sedimentation at the West and in the Port access. CDR has performed a detailed investigation and diagnosis of the structures, updated the design criteria for an extended lifetime of 100yrs and prepared the detailed designs required to repair of upgrade the Breakwater structures for this extended lifetime. The works included a detailed BREAKWATERHEALTHSCAN® (topographic and bathymetric surveys), structural assessment, extensive numerical modelling (including morphology), design studies and preparation of detailed design documentation and drawings; leading to a functional- and cost-optimized design for the structural works and required dredging strategy.

CDR and partner are carried out the following studies and reported accordingly:

  1. Reveal the current status and condition of the breakwaters, the northern quay wall and the revetment and groyne structures in the East;
  2. Required repair and upgrade the lifetime of the breakwaters, the northern quay wall and East revetment and groynes with 100 years;
  3. Erosion and sedimentation issues related to the presence of the breakwaters;
  4. Required improvements in line with integral port improvement and/or room for future expansion.

Several Experts’ Site visits are part of the project.

Site Visit Puerto Quetzal, and Physical Model Testing