The densely populated coastlines of India and Bangladesh spans respectively over 7,500 and 580 km and are highly exposed to cyclones, coastal erosion and other hazards. About 70 percent of the population in the coastal areas of Bangladesh is exposed to cyclones resulting in an average annual loss of around 3 billion US $ which is over 95% of the country’s total losses to natural hazards. Main annual losses due to (cyclone) storm surge and wind in India are estimated at around 2 billion US $ which is about 23% of the total expected loss in India due to different hazards. Coastal hazard impact mitigation measures and strengthening coastal resilience in Bangladesh and India remains to have a high priority due to the increasing number of communities and assets exposed and the increasing frequency and intensity of events. A long-term program is required for investment in coastal protection and resilience is required for both countries.

CDR, as subcontractor, has participated in the following services:

Phase 1: Looking Backward – Step 1: Proposal for Common Classification and Assessment Scheme for Interventions; Step 2: Compilation of List of Projects/Interventions in Bangladesh and India; Step 3: Initial Comparison between the Interventions in Different Zones; Step 4: In-depth Assessment of Selected Interventions; Step 5: Re-analysis of Impact; Step 6: Deliverables

Phase 2: Looking Forward – Step 1: Exploration of future investment strategies; Step 2: Analysis of cost-benefit of investments; Step 3: Setup of strategic investment agenda; Step 4: Public-friendly outreach materials; Step 5: Deliverables