Flooding is an increasing problem in Kampala with the drainage system becoming overwhelmed by intensive rainstorms.  This results in flooding of critical areas around Markets, industrial areas and neighbourhoods that are settled in floodplain areas. For this project the sub-catchments of Kinawataka and Nalukolong were selected to develop solutions for and strengthen the knowledge on flood resilience for the Greater Kampala area.
Objective of the assignment is to provide technical support in the delivery of the objectives and anticipated results of the Greater Kampala Integrated Flood Resilience Partnership through work packages of (A) Evidence building for the integration of blue-green and grey infrastructure solutions (B) Socio-economic and financial analysis (C) Stakeholder capacity building and empowerment (D) Support implementation of selected blue-green and grey infrastructure solutions.
As a sub-consultant CDR is participating in the workshops, identifies the potential locations and solutions for blue-green solutions and innovative grey infrastructure, including conceptual designs for implementation of pilots and has the lead in the socio-economic and financial analysis.

Image: Kampala drainage. Courtesy Deltares©