The Government of Liberia (GOL), with the support of the UNDP, is designing a project to protect vulnerable coastal communities and infrastructure in the Monrovia Metropolitan Area (MMA) from the impacts of climate change induced sea level rise (SLR) and related extreme weather events. Global climate models project a SLR in Liberia of 0.13-0.56 m by the 2090s (relative to 1980-1999). Monrovia is extremely vulnerable to SLR and there is a critical need to develop protection measures to reduce the impacts of climate change.

CDR and partners is carrying out the following activities and reporting accordingly:

  • Inception workshop between the Government, UNDP and the Contractor;
  • Detailed analysis of both climate and non-climate drivers;
  • Data collection;
  • Hydrodynamic and Coastal Process Modelling and Vulnerability Mapping;
  • Hotspots Identification and Intervention Recommendations;
  • Concept Engineering Designs;
  • Options Assessment and Multi Criteria Analysis Workshop;
  • Engineering Feasibility Report;
  • Social and Environmental Screening Procedure Template, Environmental and Social Assessment Report;
  • Stakeholder Engagement, and Environmental and Social Management Plan.


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