Client Albayrak contracted MTBS as Consultant. The objective of the Assignment was to prepare and develop a comprehensive long term investment plan for the medium and long term and to support Albayrak in complying to its concession agreement commitments regarding Mogadishu Port. MTBS studied the following subject matters: Macro-Economic Environment – Mogadishu Port and its Competitive Landscape – Traffic Forecast – Shipping Analysis – Marine Infrastructure Assessment – Gap Analysis 8 Long Term Investment Plan Options – Financial Analysis- Risk Assessment – Implementation Plan.

MTBS requested CDR, as sub-consultant, to carry out diagnostics concerning the waves and evaluate the port masterplan.

CDR has carried out the following assignment, and submitted comprehensive report:

  • Diagnostics (obtain and analyse metocean data, assessments currents /winds / cyclones, analyse bathymetry survey data, SWAN modelling, overview characteristics present port layout, assess wave penetration).
  • Evaluation (develop 2 options port layout, assess waves at berths and quays, create layout drawings / dredge design / breakwater & berth locations, basic BoQ, basic input MCA analysis).

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