The port of Scheveningen (The Hague Municipality) is characterized by the clear expansion of the breakwaters. The breakwaters are extended with a length of with 500m (southern) and 350m (northern), armoured with cubic blocks. CDR International B.V., Deep B.V., Skeye B.V. and van der Meer Consulting B.V. joined forces to start the initiative of the Breakwater Health Scan® , which consists of a comprehensive 3D scan, both above and underwater, of a coastal structure, including a detailed technical evaluation. See The partners have performed the Breakwater Health Scan® on both the northern and southern expansion of the breakwaters. BHS included a complete spatial scan to provide insight into the current (technical) status of the breakwaters. The following components were included:

  1. A clear 3D scan of the complete breakwater construction has been accomplished;
  2. The measurements have been brought together in a detailed 3D model;
  3. With the hydraulic conditions taken into consideration, the breakwater experts have determined the current technical status (‘Health’) of the breakwater;
  4. Based on the technical status and possible risks, indicative recommendations have been given on minimizing these risks and possible repairs to restore the function of the breakwater;
  5. The results and findings are bundled in an extensive report with clear visualizations and comments.

CDR BHS BreakwaterHealthScan DJI_0489

CDR BHS BreakwaterHealthScan DJI_0484

CDR BHS BreakwaterHealthScan DJI_0479