The Houtribdijk is a primary water barrier and is integrated part of the Dutch system of dikes that the country protects against flooding. The Houtribdijk is connecting Enkhuizen and Lelystad and divides the Markermeer from the Ijsselmeer (the two largest lakes of the Netherlands). The dike prevents (during storms) exchange of water between both lakes and thus contributes to the safety of the dikes and the hinterland around the Markermeer and IJsselmeer. The reinforcement of the Houtribdijk was initiated after the formal safety check showed that the dike would not be stable for storms with a probability of 1/10,000 years. The aim of the project ‘Dike reinforcement Houtribdijk’ is to increase safety by strengthening the Houtribdijk and associated dams in accordance with the requirements as stated in the Water Act. This is partially to be realized with innovative foreshore dunes.

VolkerInfra requested CDR to prepare sedimentation and erosion calculations and analysis for the foreshore dunes solution on both sides of the dike. CDR has calculated the required (i) Safety profiles (ii) Storm surcharge (iii) Maintenance profile, and compiled a comprehensive report as part of the tender for the Contractor’s consortium for the ‘Dike Reinforcement Houtribdijk’ project.