China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) is carrying out the analysis for the investment (capital expenditures) decision for Lekki Port Project during Phase I of the project. In order to meet the requirements of Employer and the Contract, to expedite the design approval and to propose optimizations in the design scheme, CHEC has appointed CDR International in association with Moffat and Nichol and CDR Engineering Consultancy (Nig.) Ltd. as Independent Checking Engineer (ICE) for the project to work together with the Contractor’s Engineer, viz. FHDI, Fourth Harbour Design Institute from Guangzhou. Specialist mathematical hydraulic modelling services have been carried out in close cooperation with Svašek Hydraulics from The Netherlands.

The aim of the ICE services was to:

  • Improve the overall quality of the design and design documentation;
  • Pinpoint design optimizations with the goal to save on construction costs and efforts;
  • Provide professional support to CHEC and their designer;
  • Assist in Client communication to avoid any misunderstandings and support the approval process, and;
  • Address state-of-the-art developments within port construction in benefit of the design.