Under the supervision of CDR International BV, teamed up with Prof. dr. ir. Jentsje van der Meer, a complex 3D Breakwater Model Test was successfully completed by CDR for Dangote at CSIR, Stellenbosch, South Africa. The Lagos State – Lekki coastline is relatively complex for design and construction due to the unique wave climate of continuous present, high-energetic and quite uni-directional swell waves. These waves are causing a large sediment transport along the coastline from west to east. Furthermore, the presence of persistent long period swell waves has an impact on the construction possibilities and hence construction risks. For this reason, the (practical) design and construction of a well-sheltered jetty basin that is having a roro and quay facility for unloading of vessels, demands specialist and experienced expertise and smart design engineering to obtain the best solution. In view of the relative costly marine rock sourcing and supply to the site, the construction costs of the breakwater is a significant component of the total project construction costs. Therefore, a 3D model test is always highly recommended to our clients, in order to optimise the rock structure for its lay-out, the cross-sections, the different rock gradings and concrete armour units.

CDR 3D Model Test 13
CDR 3D Model Test 15 (2)
CDR 3D Model Test 15 (1)