Dangote Oil Refining Company (DORC) is setting up a green field refinery, polypropylene plant and fertilizer plant planned at 30 nautical miles east of Lagos, Nigeria. To provide Ocean access to a RoRo Jetty facility, an access channel, turning circle and basin need to be dredged, to be protected by a Breakwater Structure. CDR International developed a new concept in which the larger share of rock material (like in a conventional rubble mound type of breakwater) is replaced by sand.

Boskalis is doing the Marine Construction. Two major fairly constant environmental parameters are the basis of the concept: abundance of sand and dominant swell waves originating from a narrow bandwidth of directions. The resulting constant (net and gross) alongshore sediment transport enables a stable sandbar over time, to serve as main part of the breakwater. Main advantages of this breakwater are:

  1. Easier to construct as less rock need to be sourced;
  2. Nature constantly introduces sand to keep the sandbar stable;
  3. Significant reduction of costs.

The project has started in October 2017 and completion by Boskalis is expected around June 2018. CDR is providing the following services:

  • Conceptual & Detailed Design;
  • Morpho-Hydraulic Modelling of Sandbar and Sand Engine;
  • Tender Documents;
  • Technical Tender Evaluation;
  • 3D Design Modelling;
  • 3D Physical Modelling Study on Sandbar Groyne Stability;
  • On- and offsite overall Engineering Consultancy to Client during entire course of the project.

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