The Elegushi Royal Family (ERF) recently received approval from the Lagos State Government (LASG) for the expansion of Ikate Kingdom by 200 hectares of land to be dredged off the Lagos Lagoon which will in effect expand the ancient Ikate city and also extend Lekki phase 1. Channeldrill, under a Joint Venture (JV) Development Agreement with ERF, is acting as Developer and JV Partner in developing 150 hectares into a residential and commercial development named Imperial International Business City (IIBC). The development is an exclusive island off the headland of Lekki Phase 1. The aim of the project is to create the first self-sustaining eco-friendly smart business city in Africa. The project involves the dredging of sand from the Atlantic Ocean. DEME, the dredging company, has requested CDR to study the water pumping process in the Lagos Lagoon, the various sand locations for dredging purposes, and the salinity level in the lagoon. CDR has carried out the mentioned studies, model bathymetry, salinity level, and prepared a comprehensive presentation, showing the various options.