DEME/BCC has requested CDR to develop some realistic conceptual designs for a Port expansion at the south side of the Port of Port Harcourt, that with time may replace (part of) the existing berthing facilities along Bonny River.

To this end, CDR has been requested to carry out the following main tasks:

  1. Quick review of the typical features of Port Harcourt Port, the cargo types and volumes that are relevant to plan a new facility;
  2. Development of typical lay-outs and development staging for a new port facility as sketched by BCC during the meeting (a green-field side basin connected to the Bonny River);
  3. Conceptual sketch of the envisaged quay facilities that will be required;
  4. Conceptual impression of the re-use of the old berths along the Bonny River for higher-end Urban Development.

CDR has designed and presented some Conceptual Ideas for a Port Expansion at the South Side of Port Harcourt: (1) Sketching of Layout Alternatives (2) Conceptual Sketching of Quay Designs (3) Comparative Costing (4) Road Network Connections (5) Selection Preferred Options (6) Conceptual Impression of re-using old berths for Urban Development.