This project has the objective to design a wetland park as part of a real estate development on a reclamation along the Lagos Lagoon in Lagos, Nigeria. Technical, spatial and financial components are considered in an integrated manner to come up with a technical workable solution in terms of civil, hydraulic and ecological functions, which is spatially attractive as a park and which is cost-effective as part of a larger cost-benefit analysis of the entire real estate development. One of the main challenges in this project is to deal with the existing streams which are draining from the densely developed hinterland, through the development, into the lagoon. The water of these streams is heavily polluted and smells badly. In a conceptual phase different alternatives are assessed, one alternative is selected through multi criteria analysis, and the selected alternative will be worked out in a detailed design.

Furthermore, the project addresses the following:

  • Incorporation of a Waste Water Treatment Plant into internal water management systems;
  • Enable the ecological qualities – flora, fauna and marine life;
  • Achieve an attractive wetland park landscape to walk around and spend time for inhabitants;
  • Contribute to Improvement in the water quality of the Lagoon;
  • Improvement in the general sanitary conditions of the Lagoon’s environs;
  • Include Recreational Facilities that give an extra asset to the development as a whole.