GasInvest Limited aims to export LNG to the world market from three locations in the Nigerian Delta, i.e. Koko, Sapele and Nembe. At the first two of these stations, the LNG is planned to be locally processed towards liquid form. At the third location (Nembe), a floating liquefaction barge is foreseen. The proposed concept is to shuttle the LNG by dedicated shallow draught LNG vessels from these stations to a Deep Sea Offshore Transshipment Island (DSOTI), where the LNG can be stored, transshipped and exported by the largest LNG carriers.

CDR has carried out the following project scope:

Deep Sea Offshore Transshipment Island (DSOTI)

  • Prepare concept design for DSOTI
  • Estimate CAPEX for DSOTI

LNG Shuttle Service

  • Identify promising sailing routes for shuttle LNG tankers based on bathymetry
  • Select possible LNG tanker sizes and draughts
  • Determine channel dimensions
  • Estimate dredging volumes
  • Estimate CAPEX dredging works