The Netherlands and Vietnam have a long history of working together. Netherlands Enterprise Agency [RVO] requested CDR and RHDHV consultancy services for “the preparation of a Letter of Intent between Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and the Government of the Netherlands”.

The main objectives of the Consultancy Assignment were:

  • to support Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee and the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in preparation of the LoI and obtaining commitment of the Government of Vietnam and their terms and conditions;
  • to deepen the Vietnam – Netherlands cooperation in the field of integrated water resources management and climate change adaptation by developing a Public Private Partnership Initiative for a Sustainable Greater Ho Chi Minh City Flood Protection Scheme;
  • to further develop plan variant of Decision 1547/QD-TTg, meeting international standards in terms of Public Private Partnership (PPP), sustainability, good governance and flood resilience;
Netherlands Trade Mission in HCMC Vietnam

CDR and RHDHV have reported on the main objectives and the following additional objectives suggested by the consultancy association:

  • jointly identify the project components and preliminary costing thereof with the relevant Vietnamese Counterparts;
  • identifying the potential benefits for all parties and possible revenue generating income streams and estimation of thereof, to lay the groundwork for the investment business case;
  • identification of the potential of the PPP and the associated risks; and
  • assessment of Go/No Go decision.