APM Terminals (“APMT”) operates a global port, terminal and inland services network. A new container terminal has been constructed for APM Terminals near Puerto Moín in Costa Rica. The wharf is a 650m long deck on piles structure. The revetment of the slope below the quay is constituted by geotextile mattresses filled with in situ concrete. Since Oct. 2017 during construction phase, defects have been detected among which gaps around the piles, connections failures between adjacent mattresses, tears in the mattress fabric and mattress cells not filled with concrete. Those defects have led to loss of slope material below the mattresses and broken mattresses. CDR has been requested to perform an independent review on the design, construction methods and execution of the mattress installation and repair works.

CDR is carrying this assignment out in the following phases:

  1. Review of the revetment design, performance of the installed revetment and the performance of the executed repairs;
  2. Indicate errors and/or flaws in: a.) the revetment design, b.) the construction method, c.) the revetment execution, d.) the repair works;
  3. Propose modifications and/or repairs to the slope revetment as are considered necessary to ensure the design life of the structure;
  4. Make comments as to considered liabilities and legal support.