Lion Brewery Ceylon PLC is the leader in the beer market in Sri Lanka whilst the brand Lion, was ranked No 6 in the index of the most valuable brands in the Country. The brewery is located just North of the Kelani River which has a history of frequent flooding. Advice has been given for protection of three subareas of the brewery. The brewery itself is protected by a wall and pumping station. However, during the flood in May 2016 the water breached these walls and as a result the brewery was flooded. Soon after the flood Lion started the design and construction of flood protection works to prevent such events in the future.

CDR has performed a Flood Risk Analysis & Review including the following major aspects:

  1. Flood Risk Management;
  2. Kelani River Basin analysis;
  3. Flood Level Analysis at Lion (Water Level Relations, QH Relation, Extreme Value Analysis, Interpretation);
  4. Review Flood Protection & Storm Water System for the Three Subareas Lion;
  5. Conclusions and Recommendations;
  6. Presentation State Minister of Defence(ix) Presentation Navy Headquarters Colombo.