The North of Sri Lanka, in particular Jaffna, lacks fresh water. The idea of the River for Jaffna plan is to close off the mouths of the three lagoons (Elephant Pass, Vadamarachchi and Upparu) and to flush and freshen the lagoons with water adducted by rivers from the mainland south of Kilinochchi. After being involved in the first DRR mission in 2016, Herald Vervoorn was selected be part of the subsequent DRR / PSD Apps team. Relevant data and reports were collected, stakeholders and knowledge institutes were contacted and first indicative preliminary studies into the feasibility of the River for Jaffna concept were carried out focussing on the hydrology and civil works.

The tasks of CDR’s Hydrologist / Civil Engineer were as follows:

  • Assess inflow from mainland;
  • Indicate location and design of Eastern Closure Elephant Pass Lagoon;
  • Indicate dimension Mullian Link Canal;
  • Collect relevant hydrological information connected to the project.

The analysis of the hydrology and civil works relevant for the “River for Jaffna” were carried out and a comprehensive report was composed.

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