The objective of this assignment is to review the Planning Area which was gazetted in 2011, in order to produce a precise boundary for the Msimbazi River Valley Planning Area, taking into account latest flood risk studies and preliminary community input from ongoing design charrettes. The reviewed boundary is expected to extend from the Msimbazi River’s source at Pugu Hills to the River’s outlet at the Indian Ocean and should also include major tributaries, such as Sinza River and Mto Kibangu. The main objective of the refined special planning area is to enable spatial planning within the Msimbazi River Valley and to cater for flood safety.

A field trip was undertaken. In order to achieve the goal of creating a detailed boundary of the project area, CDR will undertake the following tasks:

  • Consolidation of Baseline Information
  • Coordination with Relevant Authorities
  • Identification and Presentation of Alternatives
  • Refining Selected Conceptual Boundary
  • Field Verification and Collection of GPS Points
  • Delivery of Proposed Final Boundary to Client
  • Presentation of Final Boundary to Msimbazi River Basin Urban Design Charrette Stakeholders