Essequibo Shorebase Inc. is intending to develop a shore base at Blake located at the east riverbank in the Essequibo Estuary, British Guyana.
To serve the operations of the shore base, an access to the North Atlantic Ocean is required by a navigation channel of 150m wide at a depth level of CD -12m. Interim phases are envisaged that should develop stepwise to this navigation channel requirement with time. The precise alignment of the navigation channel has not been determined yet and is depending on minimisation of Capital and Maintenance dredging operations. Limited amount of information was provided in order to ensure flexibility to the Contractor’s whilst preparing their Bids.Interoil Guyana Inc., through Essequibo Shorebase Inc. (ESB), has requested CDR to evaluate the Contractor’s Bids for the work scope Sub-Package C: Dredging Works.