Overseas AST is currently working as Contractor on the Marine Works Phase 1 of the Dubai Creek Harbour (DCH) development. Part of the works consists of the construction of the harbour walls and the installation of floating pontoons. There appears to be a discrepancy between the performance specification of the structural elements in the harbour and the results of the numerical modelling. Overseas AST has requested CDR International to quantify the expected extreme wave conditions in the harbour to be used for design and procurement purposes. The goal of present desk study is to clarify to what the expected wave conditions in Dubai Creek Harbour are during extreme events and to verify whether the basis of such conditions is justified taking the wind conditions as used for the study into account.

CDR has studied and reported on:

  • Boundary conditions (wind & waves);
    • Extreme conditions;
    • Pontoon characteristics;
  • Wave conditions inside the marina;
    • Exceedance probability;
    • Extreme wave conditions inside the harbour;
    • Relation comfort levels to wave conditions.