The Padma River in central Bangladesh is approximately 100 km long and flows in a south-east direction from the confluence of the Jamuna (or Brahmaputra) and the Ganges to join the upper Meghna River, below which point it is known as the Lower Meghna. The Padma Multipurpose Bridge will be located at Mawa, about two-thirds of the way down the Padma and about 35 km southwest of the capital city Dhaka.
The Contractor (Sinohydro) sees large advantages in replacing the riprap layers in the design of the Southern bank by concrete cube blocks (CC blocks). Sinohydro requested CDR to prepare an alternative design and provide technical support for the replacement of the riprap by concrete cubic units, the so-called CC blocks.

CDR has visited the site and carried out a desk study providing:

  • Technical design and engineering supporting documents for the replacement of rock by CC blocks;
  • Support in communication with the BBA, Management Support Consultant and/or River Training Works Designer in order to obtain design approval.

Site Visit Padma Bridge