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President George Weah of Liberia, UNDP, GCF, and EPA participated at CDR’s presentation of Inception Report on Climate Change Monrovia

By November 8, 2018No Comments

The Managing Director of CDR International BV, Dirk Heijboer, and his team, and our partners, presented CDR’s Inception Report for the UNDP – Green Climate Fund funded project: “Engineering and Safeguards Assessment of Proposed Interventions in the coastal areas of the Monrovia Metropolitan Area (MMA) in Liberia“. The President of Liberia, George Weah, was also present amongst distinguished guest of the UNDP, GCF, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and other important stakeholders.

The press published various articles on the subject with drone pictures made by CDR International.
–> Monrovia Faces Imminent Disaster
–> Liberia: Preliminary Study Depicts Scary Pictures of Imminent Disaster in Monrovia
–> Monrovia Threatened by Rising Sea Level, Others 
–> Monrovia Faces Imminent Disaster; EPA Alarms following Coastal Engineering Assessment

For further details, see the project summary –>