Public Domain Architecten (PDA), in consortium is leading the consultancy services for a Techno-Economic Feasibility study of a Floating Harbour at the outer anchorage area (Bay of Bengal) in Chittagong Port for the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA). The Floating Harbour concept entails an offshore located floating container terminal that is fed by large container vessels up to 8000TEU with up to 14m draught. Smaller coastal feeder vessels provide transhipment to the Port of Chittagong and other ports in the region. At present two preferred locations have been identified by the CPA: just outside the outer anchorage of the port of Chittagong. An additional two locations for the Floating Harbour will be considered in this desk study, near Kutubdia Island. To accommodate for vessels up to 8000TEU a navigation channel must be dredged for locations A and B. Locations C and D are at a depth exceeding 17m ISLW (Indian Spring Low Water, Mean Sea Level (MSL) = ISLW + 2.60m), therefore an access channel is not necessary.

CDR, in conjunctions with DevConsult, has carried out the desk study encompassing the following parts:

  1. High-level assessment of the most appropriate location of the floating harbour;
  2. Preliminary assessment of the access channel (e.g. sedimentation and suitability) and impact on the environment;
  3. Anchoring of the floating harbour;
  4. Assessment of the bed in terms of composition, morphology and anchoring options.