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Dirk Heijboer

Founder, Sr. Project Manager

Peter Biemond

Managing Director, Port Engineer

Gerrit Valk

General Manager, Finance

Tony Bent

Sr. Project Manager, Sr. Civil Engineer Infrastructure, Country Rep. Nigeria

Eelco Bijl

Project Manager, Sr. Coastal & Maritime Structures Specialist

Bas van de Sande

Project Manager, Integrated Projects and Flood Resilience Specialist, Country Rep. Tanzania

Bart-Jan van der Spek

Project Manager, Hydraulic and Climate Change Modelling Specialist

Mark Cornelissen

Project Manager Dredging

Sophie Bockelmann

Climate Change, Coastal and Rivers Engineer

David Heineke

Project Manager, Coastal & Hydraulic Modelling Engineer

Jenny Pronker

Hydraulic Modelling and Rivers Engineer

Nadine Cronjé

Project Manager, Port and Civil Structures Engineer

Maurits Enschedé

Coastal and Hydraulic Structures Engineer

Stijn Dijsselbloem

Coastal and Hydraulic Modelling Engineer

Haisam Daouk

Coastal and Hydraulic Structures Engineer

Jelle van Zuijlen

Hydraulic Engineer

Leon Brok

River and Coastal Engineer

Bram Loef

Climate Change, Coastal and Rivers Engineer


Ad de Goffau

Sr. Environmental and Social Impact Specialist

Bart Peerbolte

Sr. Coastal, Rivers and Water Management Specialist

Jentsje van der Meer

Prof. Dr. Breakwater and Revetment Specialist

Theun Elzinga

Sr. Port Masterplanning and IWT Specialist

Pieter Sylvius

Sr. Hydrographic Survey Expert


Sr. River Engineer and River Training Expert

Steff Stevense

Sr. Breakwater Construction and Quarry Specialist

Ronald Heijmans van der Snee

Sr. Dredging and Reclamation Specialist

Sigurdur Sigudarson

Sr. Breakwater and Rocks Specialist

Cyp Hendrikse

Sr. Dredging, Reclamation and Marine Construction Specialist

Henk Hensen

Sr. Ship Navigation, Manoeuvring and Mooring Specialist

Colin Barcant

Sr. Marina Design Specialist

Gary Vaz

Sr. Maritime Operations Specialist

Ruud Steenbakkers

Sr. Geotechnical Specialist

Max Nods

Sr. Geosynthetics Engineer and Retaining Walls and Soft Soils Expert