Sirhimman, in association with CDR, was commissioned by NPA to undertake the condition survey of Koko Port Sheet Piles and to recommend appropriate maintenance programme. The objectives were to carry out a detailed corrosion inspection, condition surveys and non-destructive testing (NDT) of various zones/areas of the concrete /steel sheet piles bulkheads of the facility. This was necessary in order to accurately reveal the present states of facility and generate precise recommendations and bills of engineering measurements and evaluation (BEME) for maintenance purpose or major rehabilitation works as the case may be. Detailed visual inspection of the various project requirements like tubular foundation piles and steel sheet pile walls were carried out. Ultrasonic thickness measurements at equal-spaced points around the circumference of the steel cased tubular foundation piles and at appropriate water depth levels. Data were collected in order to deduce the present stability state, remaining structural integrity and present operational capacity of the facility, and a report was compiled containing findings and observation.