CDR has been requested to analyse the detailed survey, performed by DEEP BV in December 2020 and April 2021, of the revetment under the deck on piles of the Moín Container terminal, Costa Rica. The purpose of this detailed survey analysis is to:

  • Analyze the present situation of the structure compared to the designed structure;
  • Define weak spots of the revetment;
  • Analyze the potential progress of settlements and causes of settlements.

The following analyses have been performed on the survey data and reporting submitted:  

  1. Visual inspection of the digital elevation model, the 3D point cloud model and photographs of the transition above water;
  2. Comparison between the digital elevation model of the partial survey of October 2019 and the present survey;
  3. Processing of the survey data in design cross sections at intervals of 3 m (pile row centre to centre distance is 6m, except at pile row A and F where it is 3 m)
  4. Processing of the survey data along longitudinal lines along the revetment;
  5. Visual inspection of photographs taken just above the waterline;
  6. Visual inspection of deviations from the design and expert judgement of potential causes;
  7. Comparison between the elevations of the December 2020 and April survey 2021.

Based on the survey results and analysis, it was found that the present condition of the revetment was worse than expected, causing a risk to the functioning of the terminal and that repair works will be required on a short term.

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