The island of Kaback in Guinea and its 25,000 residents are suffering from increasingly frequent floods. The floods are caused by coastal erosion, excessive mangrove cutting in combination with broken protection infrastructure.
This virtual DRR mission has been organised to gather and consolidate previous consultancy work done, and to assess the suitability of three project alternatives on a pre-feasibility level, namely Alternative 0 (business as usual), Alternative A – Hold the line (development of a solid sea defence on the path of the original protection line) and Alternative B – Managed retreat (using mangroves as primary sea defence in combination with protective infrastructure on land inward located cheniers).
The pre-feasibility of each alternative has been determined for different aspects, including morpho-hydrodynamics, structural interventions (coastal protection and drainage), environmental and social impacts and mitigation measures, economic cost-benefit analysis and institutional set-up. The results were assembled in a balanced score card to support decision making, and recommendations were made for short, medium and long terms.
CDR’s Mr. Van de Sande’s task was to:
i) further define and develop the project alternatives
ii) assess the technical feasibility of coastal protection measures including wave study, conceptual structural designs and cost estimations
iii) economic cost-benefit analysis and iv) GIS analysis for all disciplines involved in the mission